How To Maintain The Merbau Decking In Melbourne

Are you planning on building a new deck? So using Merbau for the decking purpose is the best choice you can make because Merbau is available in a range of lengths and widths for the decking, but Merbau is also highly durable and long-lasting hardwood.

Why maintain Merbau Decking?

Merbau is straightforward to work with as this wood is complex, making it popular and one of the best choices available in the market for decking purposes and it requires oiling every 12 months to maintain its looks.

How to oil your Merbau deck? 

It is essential to oil your Merbau deck for three reasons: 

Assemble the tools 

The first thing to do before good oiling is good preparation, so for oiling your Merbau deck, you need a deck cleaner, deck oil, a paintbrush, an outdoor broom bucket, a deck oil applicator and your safety equipment.

Clean your deck

Prepare the cleaner and apply it.

Start the oiling

Now wait

So after you have finished applying your oil, let the decking oil do its job. And let it dry; this may take about two hours.

Time to apply the second oil coat