A Detailed Guide For A Stunning Outdoor Decor With Merbau Decking

Are you planning to redesign your outdoor decor? Merbau decking is one such solution that gives your exteriors a stunning look. Merbau is an affordable and reliable decking timber. It is a perfect addition to redefine your abode’s outer space and won’t hurt much on your pocket. Read on to know everything about Merbau decking 140X19mm.

What is Merbau Timber?

Merbau is a kind of hardwood timber derived from the Kwila tree, found in a few regions across the world. It is known for its unique beauty, making it ideal for decking, flooring, outdoor furniture, marine construction, etc. This rich-coloured hardwood is extremely durable, and is amongst the hardest timber species, helps in manufacturing sustainable products.  

Merbau timber comprises high tannic acid content that characterizes it to be resistant to termites, decay, and weathering. Its deep brown colour with hints of yellow flecks beautifies the place with its presence. 

Where does Merbau Timber Come from?

Merbau decking is gaining popularity in recent years. Merbau timber is used for almost everything when it comes to your outdoor exteriors, from fencing to flooring. This weather-resistant timber grows naturally in Papua Island, SouthEast Pacific rim, King Islands, the Philippines, and Fiji.

Is Merbau Timber Durable?

Merbau timber is famous for its durability. Gifted by its natural oil that makes it endure extreme temperatures. Conditions and climates. It can withstand outdoor requirements well and is trusted to be a perfect outdoor decking timber. 

How is Merbau Decking Manufactured?

The following are the three primary steps involved in producing Merbau decking: 

Why Choose Merbau Decking?

The following are the reasons that make Merbau decking the best option for your exteriors:

Biological Details of Merbau Wood

Characteristics of Merbau Hardwood

Advantages of Merbau Timber

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