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It is one of the most popular decking timbers being used because it is less expensive than other hardwood decking and has a high durability rating of 2.

Most of the Merbau comes from the Southeast Asian rainforests.

Merbau Decking Melbourne 140mm x 19mm And 40mm Synthetic Grass in Melbourne

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Why choose Merbau for decking?

Merbau is known for its durability. It is naturally resistant to splitting or cracking. Merbau has a unique beauty and resilience when compared to another timber decking. Most other timbers need to be treated after harvesting. Unlike them, Treatment is not required for Merbau. Merbau’s strength comes from the abundance of natural oils inside the wood.

How long does the Merbau decking last?

With the durability class of 2, you can expect your decking to last between 15 to 40 years without decay. The combination of its unusual density and strength make Merbau more durable than most other timber used to make outdoor decking and furniture.

What is the best timber to use for Decking?

Merbau is the best timber for decking as it is hardwood and more durable than softwood. If price is the issue, then treated pine is the best option.

Is Merbau suitable for outdoor furniture?

Merbau is known for its durability. If you are looking for outdoor furniture options with beauty, which will last for years to come, then Merbau is an excellent choice. You may expect to pay approximately $320 to $350 per meter2 for a Merbau deck.

Can Merbau be used in-ground?

In the ground, a Merbau is only rated for 5 to 10 years, but when used above the ground as planks and boards, it is rated to provide 25 or more years of service.

Is Merbau decking termite resistant?

Merbau is so challenging that it becomes termite resistant.

Is Merbau fire resistant?

No timber species achieve a spread of flames index of zero unless treated with the fire retardant. Merbau is classified as a bushfire resisting timber in Australia because it has fire-resisting characteristics. Similar to the timber treated with the fire retardant.

Is Merbau suitable for decking?

Merbau is a popular decking timber perfect for decks and is less expensive than most other decking timber. Merbau has a high durability rating of two and is rot and insect resistant.

How do you clean a Merbau deck?

  • Clean decking with SAP STRIP: wood conditioner.
  • Remove the surface dirt by sweeping or hosing the bare deck,
  • Dissolve 300g of SAP STRIP in 5 litres of hot water,
  • Apply the mixture with a stiff broom or bush. Leave for 15-30 min,
  • Wash the deck with a strong water jet to remove the residual cleaner.
  • Apply desired quantum decking finish.

How to choose the suitable Merbau decking for your outdoor area?

Always pick the straightest merbau possible, as this will make your project a lot easier. Also, choose clean decking, making it easier to stain.