Faux Green Wall

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Faux Green Wall – Artificial Wall Melbourne

Our Faux green wall is made for outdoor conditions. It can be used for decorative fencing, room divider, and vertical green wall. The selection of popular plants makes your green wall stand out for your wall. The mixture of the colour of the leaves and flowers creates a sense of natural plants for your garden.


Want to transform your simple space? Look no further than the Faux green wall or artificial green wall.

We have been sought out by hotel chains, airports, and designers in Melbourne due to our passion for stunning, life-like greenery.
Talk to us about your simple space today, and our dedicated Faux green wall design experts will gladly help you.

Experience our Artificial Green Walls Melbourne today.

Over 18,000 spaces have been transformed across Melbourne.

OutDeco Living Instant Garden Hedges & Vertical Gardens are perfect for Melbourne homes and businesses. Our beautiful artificial boxwood hedges, outdoor artificial hedges, and instant box hedges look amazingly real. These are designed to attach to any wall or vertical surface perfectly. The artificial green walls Melbourne create a space you’ll truly love!
You no longer have to worry about your vertical gardens dying or your plant’s wilting come summertime. Outdeco Living fake plants and hedges are the perfect solution – artificial plants that look real!

Artificial Plants that truly look sensational!

Why Choose Outdeco Living for Faux green wall?

Highest Quality Guaranteed
Vertical Gardens, Artificial Hedges, and Green walls in Melbourne are durable and made up of safe materials.

UV Resistant Guarantee
UV Treated & Tested Vertical Gardens. Withstand Melbourne weather. They were no more fading or cracking in the sun.

Fast Delivery
Fast and prompt delivery in Melbourne

Quality Vertical Gardens & Green Walls

Create an impact with customised Vertical Gardens designed to your taste & needs. Artificial green walls give you a fantastic look for the outdoors. It looks exactly like a live plant you do not need to care for like natural plants. Our artificial plants do not require any water or special care and will look fantastic throughout the year. It can be used to decorate our home and garden walls, and this artificial plant wall gives a natural look that does not look like a fake garden wall. These plant walls do not require any maintenance. Wall plants are easy to apply, remove and reuse without leaving damage or residue. These wall plants are suitable for home, garden, balcony, shopping mall, showcase, hotel, beauty shop, etc. Many fake walls are perfect for greenery indoors and outdoors.

Build Plant Wall Together

When we place green walls indoors, it has a calming & soothing effect on the mind. It has been proven that viewing a greenery wall and the fake green wall will reduce stress and anxiety and help one become more creative, happy & productive.

Shop our artificial vertical gardens and green walls to add a touch of luxury

Vertical Gardens Australia specialises in their unique designs and installation. They provide interior & exterior vertical plant walls and decorative screen walls. It is mainly designed for indoor green walls to utilise and beautify limited garden space fully.

Designer vertical garden walls can be easily recreated to garden your vertical plant walls for your garden panels. With the help of plant wall art, you can create a different and attractive design for your walls.

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