Bamboo Fencing and Panels in Melbourne

Bamboo Fencing in Melbourne

Bamboo Panels in Melbourne

Out Deco Living These Panels are made with highest quality workmanship & build with solid support backing. Panels are great for Fencing, brings exotic design & costs effective to your home and garden. Our Bamboo Fencing Panels are durable and can lasts up to 15 years.

We always have plenty of Bamboo Panels in stock. Out Deco Living prices & quality are unbeatable in Melbourne and Victoria. We are leaders in the Bamboo Fencing business. We also specialise in water features, statues and even Bali style huts.

Bring Out Deco Living to your home schedule a free consultation to help you select the perfect flooring treatment. Due to its construction, bamboo panels flooring is well suited to the Australian environment with the technology in the manufacturing processes its stability has improved greatly making it a great choice for your quality flooring needs.


  • Pre-finished lacquer.
  • Panels are double sanded and double lacquered for a superior quality finish.
  • Handcrafted from natural, renewable resources in our factory in Bali.
  • All our panels are fully screwed to solid bamboo backing rails for long lasting.
  • Bamboo flooring is an attractive and viable alternative to hardwood floors, derived from the forests of a fully environmentally friendly and rapidly growing renewable resource.
  • In preparation of your project, we advise all clients to contact their local council to confirm works comply with local regulations.

Bamboo Panels And Bamboo Fencing Melbourne

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