Composite Decking 5.4M X 138MM X 22MM

Name & DescriptionDemensionPrice
WoodEvo Solid Decking Board
(Chacoal, Basalt, Teak, Tallowwood)
5.4x138mmx23mm$77.76 ($14.40l/m)
WoodEvo Solid Fascia Board
(Chacoal, Basalt, Teak, Tallowwood)
5.4x138mmx10mm$64.86 ($12.01l/m)
EvoClip – Stainless Steel, Black
(Decking clip incl. screw)
100pcs$0.75 ($75 per 100)

WoodEvo™ warrants to the original purchaser of the WoodEvo’s products that WoodEvo products shall be free from material manufacturing defects and shall not splinter, rot, split, or suffer structural damage from termites or fungal decay under normal use and proper service conditions, and according to the WoodEvo Installation Guidelines. WoodEvo™ is protected by a 25-year warranty, includes a labour warranty for the first 5 years.  WoodEvo’s warranty will be twenty-five (25) years from the date of original purchase, and the labour warranty will be the first five (5) years from the date of original purchase.

If a defect occurs within the applicable warranty period, the purchaser shall send proof of original purchase, pictures or other evidence of the defective items, and a description of the claimed defect to the original purchased authorized retail store or the following email address: If conforming by an authorized WoodEvo representative of the defect. Defective products will be replaced, and WoodEvo’s certified installers help free installation for the first 5 years.

ProductsWarranty period-ResidentiaLabour Period-ResidentialWarranty Period-commercial
WoodEvo™ WoodGrain Decking25 Years5 Years10 Years
WoodEvo™ Stainless Steel Clips25 Years5 Years10 Years

WoodEvo does not warrant against attributable to:

  1. Improper installation of WoodEvo products.
  2. Failure to comply with WoodEvo written instructions and local building codes, and any applicable laws.
  3. Movement, distortion, collapse or settling of the ground or the supporting structure upon which WoodEvo Products are installed;
  4. Any Act of God, including but not limited to, flooding, hurricane, lightning, earthquake, tornado, cyclone, hail, wind etc. environment condition, including mould, mildew, etc.
  5.  Direct or indirect contact with the WoodEvo products of extreme heat sources,
  6.  The application of paints, stains, surface treatments or other chemical substances including but not limited to clearers or pesticides;
  7. Improper handling, storage, abuse or neglect of WoodEvo products by the Purchaser or any other party;
  8. Impact from objects;
  9. Ordinary wear and tear;
  10. Fading, flaking or other deterioration of any paints, stains or other coatings placed on the WoodEvo Products;
  11. No warranty is given with respect to variations or changes in colour or embossing patterns of WoodEvo products;
  12. No warranty for non WoodEvo Products.
  13. Warranty will not be giving to extra modifications; such as Drill tables, Drill chairs, and other drill products.
  14. WoodEvo is not able to give more than 5 years for labour warranty. Will charge for labour cost after 5 years warranty.

Claim Procedure

In order to process the warranty claim, the purchaser must send to WoodEvo retail, at the address above, in no event later than thirty (30) days after any discovery of a possible nonconforming nature of or other failures of the WoodEvo product, such as the following:

  • A copy of the warranty document.
  • Proof of the original purchase;
  • Photos or other supporting evidence of the WoodEvo products.Original proof of purchase must add the following conditions:
    – Must be from an authorised dealer from WoodEvo.
    – Must show the original purchase date.
    – Must be show purchase bill or authorised document from the dealer or trader.

Please Note: Before the claim, the warranty purchase must be informed to WoodEvo team and make an appointment to visit the site. After the team will make a warranty claim report. After that, the team will be able to claim your warranty.

Who is covered by this warranty?

This warranty is only covered original purchaser, residential or commercial as the maybe, of the WoodEvo products noted below; for the purpose of the limited warranty the “original purchasers” who were the owners of the real property upon which WoodEvo products were installed.

5 – Years Imitated Labour Warranty

Labour warranty will be starting from the date of purchase, as listed on the customer’s original receipt from the original place of purchase and will expire on the same date after five (5) years.

Care and maintenance

WoodEvo’s products need to be stored on a clean, flat surface before installation. It is important to protect WoodEvo™ decking boards from impacts from heavy and/or sharp objects while the installation is taking place. Covering the decking boards with a heavy fabric (eg. canvas) is recommended. It is also recommended that do not mark with oil pen and coloured pens. We recommend leaving the laying of your new deck until after all other works have been completed. For general cleaning, use soap and water. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners with contents such as bleach, ammonia, petroleum, acid etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty is offered for WoodEvo™ ?

When you purchase WoodEvo™, you are backed by one of the industry’s best warranties. WoodEvo™  comes with a warranty period of 25 years, including a labor warranty that covers the costs of repair or replacement for 5 years. Visit the warranty page or contact us for full terms and conditions.

What is the Slip rating of WoodEvo™ ?

WoodEvo  has undertaken slip rating testing and is found to have an R11 anti-slip rating, which is considered safe for dry and wet environments. Thus, WoodEvo™  can be installed in areas around the swimming pool and other high-slip areas, creating a safer family environment.

Which Costs More: WoodEvo™ or Timber?

The initial cost of purchasing timber is less than that of WoodEvo. However, timber requires regular staining, oiling, cleaning, and treating with chemicals. When you consider the costs of maintenance compared with the low-maintenance WoodEvo, you’ll spend a considerable amount of money, more than you would with WoodEvo  in the long run.

Will WoodEvo Colours Fade Over time?

No. The colours in WoodEvo  decking are designed to last as long as the products. The use of advanced UV blockers ensures minimal fading that will go unnoticed even to the keenest of eyes.

How does it handle in direct sunlight?

WoodEvo  uses advanced heat reducing technology, which reduces its surface temperature by up to 10oC. Thus, in direct sunlight, WoodEvo  has a similar heat handling to timber when exposed to direct sunlight.

How Strong is WoodEvo™ decking compared to Timber Decking?

WoodEvo  is formulated using the finest technologies available to meet customers’ demands as well as withstand anything the Australian climate throws at it.  Its outer capping is made of a similar material as a golf ball shell, which makes it very tough.  For further information on design and performance, refer to the technical specifications on the WoodEvo  website.

What Makes WoodEvo™ Stand Out from Other Composite Products?

WoodEvo™  uses the innovative EvoShieldTM technology, enabling it to withstand vast changes in temperature. EvoShieldTM protects it from the high surface temperature on hot days and scratches. With its high-grade UV blockers, EvoShieldTM helps resist colour fades in the strong

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