How To Maintain Water Features?

You recently invested in an outdoor water fountain with your newly bought scenic property. No one can blame you, as water features add an immense sense of serenity and class to your garden area. Sitting outdoors and listening to the soft sprinkling sound of your nearby fountain is joyous.

But how complicated are water features to maintain? What must we do to keep them working properly? Don’t worry.

Following these simple steps, outdoor water fountains don’t require much maintenance.

Do correctly assess the area around the fountain and determine where your water feature will be placed. You must not put it in a place where incoming footballs or human traffic will damage the water features. Areas full of dust may also make you clean your water features more often than you might prefer. The picture-perfect place for your fountain will be where you can still see and listen to it; at the same time, it’s away from paths and plays areas.

The pump is the most integral part of your water features. It’s also the part that will demand the most care from you. To keep it working correctly, you must clean it properly, especially if your water feature is near many shrubs and collects a lot of debris. You can use a bottle brush or pipe cleaners to avoid blockages. Don’t forget to drain and refill the pump.

The sound of sprinkling, trickling and soft water is very pleasing. But sometimes you might hear a loud sound or the water is not pumping vigorously. Thus, you’ll need to calibrate the pump properly as required. The pressure may not be enough if the pump has debris buildup. Do clean it properly.

The water feature will look terrible if the water is too dirty. As outdoor water fountains attract more dirt and debris than indoor ones, you may need to drain and clean your feature every few months or whenever the water looks muddy. Hard water may cause minerals to deposit. Using distilled water will reduce the chances of mineral buildup a lot less. If your fountain is significant, add bleach to regular tap water.

You may buy a particular algae prevention solution to stop Algae from building up and put it in the water. This will prevent algae from growing in no time. Otherwise, you may move your water feature into the shade. Algae needs a lot of sunlight to survive, so moving it to a darker area can prevent it from growing.

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The bowl needs to be clean. Empty it every six months and clean any lime patch or algae with a stiff brush and some cleaning solution. This regular maintenance will make it durable and long-lasting.

Dropping a mosquito repellent tablet in the water features will ensure it doesn’t become a breeding colony for mosquitoes. These tablets last for about one month, so you might consider putting them on the first of every month so it’s easy to remember.

The material of your water feature may require a unique cleaning method, so make sure you figure out which one suits the best. For instance, a ceramic fountain requires a soft cloth and mild soap. Stainless steel may need a special cleaner.

Your water feature can lose all its serenity if not appropriately maintained. It can be a painful task, but not if you follow the advice. Make sure to follow the steps above to enjoy the scenic beauty of your water feature for years to come.