Prestained & Pre Oiled Pine Decking (Out Of Stock)

Pre-stained pine is infused earthy brown colour. Pre-oiled decking is produced locally from the Southern Pine species, renowned for its strength and stability.
Grown in local plantation forests, this unique high-density timber gives Southern Pine OCHRE a natural strength advantage. It is 30% stronger than standard pine and a refreshing alternative to imported rainforest timbers like Merbau.

SouthernPine OCHRE® is pre-stained and pre-oiled with QCOAT® Outdoor Timber Oil. Pre-stained pine decking, all-sided coated to protect against the weather, and it is effortless to install and does not take more time to install this decking. One coat is needed on pre-stained pine to give the finish and block the decking.

Pre-stained pine specialty

SouthernPine OCHRE® is treated with an eco-friendly, waterproof-based preservative treatment, Tru-Core® WBA. It helps to protect us from fungi, termites and Bugs. QCOAT® is an Australian-made penetrating timber oil to protect outdoor timber decking from weather moisture and improve dimensional stability. It is good to use as the final coat for OCHRE® to ensure consistency of decking.

Why Use Pre-Oiled Pine Decking?

  • Simple to install
  • Sustainable alternative to imported hardwood
  • Easy to apply the last topcoat
  • No messy tannin leaching
  • Hardwood look without the price tag

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