What Is The Best Timber Fencing In Melbourne?

Melbourne, a land of contrasting environments and sophisticated structures provides a beautiful canvas for those who want to improve their outdoor space. Timber fencing is always known for its timelessness and warmth, it is a popular choice for those aiming to gain the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. In this blog, we will focus on choosing topnotch timber fencing in Melbourne to make your outdoor space secure and a visual delight.

Understanding the Timber Options:

Merbau Timber Fencing:

Known for its reddish brown hue and the durable nature, Merbau timber is a good option in Melbourne. Its resistance to decay and termites makes it a preferred choice for fences that withstand the test of time in diverse weather conditions.

Spotted Gum Timber Fencing:

Spotted Gum was introduced in Australia and is characterized by the combined strength and style. It has unique color variations varying from pale grey to deep browns, which bring character to any outdoors. Famous for its strength, Spotted Gum is a reliable option for changing weather patterns.

Treated Pine Timber Fencing:

Treated Pine still remains a cost-effective option for many Melbourne homeowners. The pine variety becomes harder than ever after a chemical treatment process takes place and as a result, it can withstand decay and pests. Its versatile application enables many finishes hence providing a flexible option that suits the unique design preferences.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Timber Fencing:

Climate Compatibility:

A varied climate is experienced in Melbourne such as hot summers and winters and some parts of it become fairly cool. At least go with timber which will cope well with such fluctuations. Merbau Decking 140 x 19 and spotted gum are famous for durability in different weather conditions.

Maintenance Requirements:

Look at your maintenance level. Many types of hardwoods, such as Merbau Decking 90×19 and Spotted Gum are naturally durable and when periodically stained or sealed they gain more strength. While treated for durability, Treated Pine may require more frequent maintenance.

Aesthetic Appeal:

The visual impact of your fence will contribute to your outdoor ambiance. Look at the characteristics of timber including color, patterns, features and quality. Every variation has its own charm and uniqueness that align with your choice and desired style.

Budget Considerations:

Another critical factor that is considered in the decision-making process is budget. Even though hardwood varieties such as Merbau and Spotted Gum have a higher selling price, their long life and low maintenance make them a suitable choice in the long term, treated Pine is also an affordable alternative.

Purpose of fencing:

There can be different purposes for fencing. it can be Privacy, security and purely aesthetic. Your needs determine the height width (140*19mm, 900*19mm, 70*19mm), timber type and style. Selection of timber can make a difference in price, if you are choosing timber for security you may need a strong fence resulting in choosing spotted gum and tallowwood but for Aesthetics you can go with Merbau Timber Decking 70×19.

Professional Installation Matters:

Consider the quality of timber irrelevant if it’s not installed correctly by experts. Hire a good fencing and decking company in Melbourne. Their experience guarantees correct installation that increases the life of your timber fence and its structural stability.

Local Regulations and Permits:

While you are choosing the proper timber fencing for your project, familiarize yourself well with any laws or requirements and acquire any required permits. Melbourne may have fencing guidelines including fence height, materials, and design. Proper compliance ensures smooth and lawful installation.

Environmental Considerations:

Nowadays many homeowners are environmentally conscious and they look for timber that is sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests. This ensures the longevity of your selected wood and aligns with the eco-friendly practices. 


Choosing the best timber fencing is a process that needs consideration of different factors, whether you decide Merbau, Spotted Gum or Treated Pine, your decision should align with your needs and the changing climate of Melbourne. With the right choice and professional installation your fence will act as a protective barrier and also elevate the aesthetics of your outdoors. Timber fencing can last for 15 years with proper maintenance. While choosing the timber for your fencing you should speak to reputable fencing contractors to get genuine advice and quotes.