Where Can I Buy Merbau Decking in Melbourne?

Merbau is one of the popular hardwoods, a high-quality timber used for building a deck. Merbau decking is the most popular decking timber because it is naturally resistant to termite. It is highly durable, strong, and is affordable compared to other decking timber.
Merbau decking is quite strong and needs special equipment to process and manufacture the timber. The wood comprises natural oils which protect the timber from cracking. If you are considering buying cheap Merbau decking, then you should consult an expert.

Before buying Merbau Decking Melbourne, you should consider a few crucial things.

Find Experts – If you are looking for Merbau Decking, you can reach out to experts in this field. A specialist timber decking company with the relatively best experience in Merbau decking is the one that can offer you the best quality Merbau decking. Timber specialists know the best about this product.

A company that has good customer support – Good Customer support is a must for any shopping experience. If you do not get good customer support, you will be disappointed. Thus, you should choose the company that offers good customer service and is involved with the customer’s journey.

Online presence of the company – A company that has an online presence is the most preferred choice. It is now very convenient to browse through the pages instead of visiting the premises. Thus, the company that has an online store is the one that you should look out for when buying Merbau decking.

Merbau Decking sizes – It is crucial to know the projected size of the deck. Various type of decking sizes available are 140mm Merbau decking (140 x 19 Merbau decking), 90mm Merbau decking (90x19mm Merbau decking ), 70mm Merbau decking (70 x 19 Merbau decking). Knowing the exact size will help you understand how much quantity of material is required.

Merbau decking cost – Always Consider the Merbau decking cost. Merbau decking cost per square meter ranges from $250 to $350 per square meter. Do check for the best offering. Some people use treated pine decking with Merbau stain instead of Merbau decking. Buy Merbau Decking more durable. 140 Merbau deckings often come with min. 6mm gapping.

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Few Things to Note

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