Which Type Of Wood Floor Is Right For Your Home?

People prefer wood flooring, and many types of wood floors can be used for flooring. Making a floor is one of the essential tasks for the homeowner, and if he prefers a wood floor, then there is nothing wrong as these floors are durable. Here are the types of wooden floors which can be selected.

Unfinished or finished

People can choose unfinished hardwood flooring as they have the option of applying customized stains on it. They also have the option of matching the colour of the unfinished wood with the existing floor. This type of wood needs many finishing coats. The finished lumber can directly be installed, and there is no need for staining it. This reduces the cost of the flooring.

Solid or engineered

Solid and hardwood flooring is thick and has the features of refinishing many times. The wood can be easily damaged by moisture and water, so it should not be installed in the basement. Engineered plywood is stable and can be installed anywhere, even basement. The wood can be refinished only once or twice.

Merbau Decking Stain

It provides good results when it is applied to wood. Many people have given the Merbau Decking reviews and appreciated its durability and long life.

Type of finish

The wood finish needs various types of finishes, so people have to choose one which will make the wood durable and increase its life. Two types of finishes can be applied to wood: oil finish and polyurethane. Oil provides a good look and feels to the wood, while polyurethane can be used for hard coating on the top of the wood. Oil finish also gets scratched more quickly, but these scratches are not visible easily.

Types of wood

Many types of wood can be used for flooring, and oak is considered one of the best. It can be stained easily and gives an appealing look. On the other hand, another wood that can be regarded is walnut, which is suitable for the rooms.