Do Termites Eat Merbau Timber?

Merbau has long been a top choice due to its hardness, stunning design, and resistance to various factors, making it the best timber decking worldwide. Homeowners and builders who want to choose the best decking material and save their deck from termite damage are often worried about termites. In this blog, we will dive into the question: will termites eat Merbau timber decking? With measurements of merbau decking 140*19mm, merbau decking 90*19mm, and merbau decking 70*19mm, they offer immense strength against decay and rotting. Nevertheless, regardless of its quality, the concerns are valid for any wood.

A blazing and impervious stronghold against termites.

 Available in dimensions from merbau decking 140*19, merbau decking 90*19mm, to merbau decking 70*19mm, it indicates nature’s endurance and beauty. Also known for its robustness. While homeowners and builders look for the ideal decking, termite infestation remains a concern. In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the question: are termites among organic pests that eat Merbau timber?

Learning how termites function as a group

In contrast to the “notorious” nature of termites, which are well-known for their uncontrollable appetite for wood, termites constitute a severe threat to timber decking structures. However, the deterrent natural qualities of Merbau timber, in comparison, tend to discourage these destructive insects, making it less prone to infestation.

Merbau Decking 140*19mm: Insecticide Sprays: Arsenal Targeting Termite Rampage

Merbau timber’s naturally high oil content, another attribute that keeps termites away, is one of the qualities. Upon intuition, termites avoid wood with high oil levels, making Merbau decking unappetising for them. This natural oil establishes a defence mechanism, making the wood less tasty and hard to get into for the termites.

Merbau Decking 90*19mm: Optimum Use of the Density Power

Besides its oil component, Merbau timber’s dense grain makes it more robust against termite contamination. In contrast, termites find softer woods, which are easy to go through and feed on. However, Merbau, being dense and hard, presents a challenge to these wood-eating pests. On the contrary, termites cannot effectively destroy Merbau timber’s branches or trunks due to the problematic chewing of dense fibres. 

Merbau Decking 70*19mm: Using Natural Biochemical Macromolecules

Besides, natural chemicals, including tannins and alkaloids, are present in the Merbau timber enhanced with more termite resistance. These compounds operate as natural repellents, preventing the termites from feeding on the wood and aiding in preventing damage.

Protecting Merbau Timber Decking: Best Practices to Avoid Termite Infestation 

Because termites are attracted to decking merbau, in addition to resisting termite resistance, a sufficient level of protection is provided to safeguard against invasion. An appropriate system of screening and securing procedures for termite prevention is very effective.

Elevating Merbau Decking Above Ground Level: A Moisture and Ant barrier

Installing Merbau decking above ground level allows to prevent moisture buildup that attracts termites. Homeowners can improve the environmental conditions by raising the flooring and ensuring the ventilation underneath, preventing termites from developing around the structure.

Regular Inspections: Early Key to the Detection 

Routine searches for termite activity are necessary for early identification and intervention. Homeowners should be mindful and watch out for signs or indicators such as mud tubes, wood that sounds hollow, or discarded termite wings. Proactive measures can limit the effects and stop current infestations.

Applying Protective Coatings: Fortifying Merbau Decking Against Termites

Decay and termite infestation have always been significant problems of Merbau wood decking. Applying sealant to the Merbau timber decking can be an extra step to attack the termites. These coatings not only improve the decking’s looks but also make it less vulnerable to termite infestation by sealing the wood pores.


Lastly, although termites can damage some kinds of wood, Merbau timber decking stands above their competition. It has unmatched resistance to these harmful organisms. Comprising high natural oil components, compact grain structure, and natural chemical compounds, Merbau is a stronghold against termite infestation. Thanks to proper installation and maintenance techniques, homeowners can enjoy the natural beauty and durability of Merbau decking without bothering much about termite damage. Termites might prefer a softer or more accessible wood. Still, the unique characteristics of the timber found in Merbau decking Melbourne make it a less attractive option for these destructive species. Taking good care of the wood, such as installing, maintaining, and taking preventive measures, will make homeowners enjoy their home’s beauty.