Why Should You Choose Merbau Wood For Your Deck?

Decking can give your outside space a stunning appearance. It might be one the best additions since it adds a functional outdoor living area to any house. Decking is produced from a number of wood types, each with merits and cons of their own. Due to its durability, Merbau decking is becoming increasingly popular. Merbau is a naturally oily tropical wood from southeast Asia. It comes in a variety of colors, from orange-brown to yellowish-brown. It matures and becomes dark over time, although it can keep its brilliance for decades. This range of shades makes it easier for you to choose from many floor styles. Let’s discuss why you should select Merbau timber for your deck:


Termites are insects that are unable to consume Merbau. Termites can be extremely expensive to eradicate, necessitating a thorough examination of the wood in your house by a pricy pest exterminator. Termites can seriously harm both your decking and your pocketbook. Termites are unable to consume Merbau because of its toughness and natural oils. Investing in Merbau decking will relieve stress and financial burden by eliminating the need to worry about termite infestation.

Kwilia trees, which originate from tropical regions, are the source of Merbau. Their early years are at risk of injury and infection, and their growth can take up to 75 years. Merbau timber has developed a strong resistance to injury since it has lived for more than 70 years in a tropical climate with abundant biodiversity.

Natural beauty

Merbau wood’s outstanding natural beauty is one of the main motives to use it for your deck. Merbau wood, also called Kwila, has a deep reddish-brown color that enhances with time to create a warm and inviting ambiance. The patterns and textures of wood decking give style to any outdoor area and provide a wonderful backdrop for enjoyment and rest.

Environmental considerations

Although choosing wood carefully impacts the environment, Merbau wood is frequently obtained from plantations that practice sustainable management. If you buy Merbau decking 140x19mm for your home, check the price of one store with another to buy it at an affordable price. Due to its longevity, Merbau wood has a lower environmental impact than other decking materials because fewer replacements are required as often.

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Timber Merbau decking is durable, versatile, low maintenance, fire resistant, termite resistant, and long-lasting. It is also stylish and relatively affordable. Merbau is easier to deal with because it is easier than other timber types. Merbau is easily carved into unusual shapes as necessary, giving you greater creative freedom. Because of its adaptability, it works well for flooring, cladding, screening, marine construction, and decking. If you install Merbau decking 90 x 19mm in the place where you spend more time, you will be comfortable.

Sturdiness and durability

Merbau wood is well known for its remarkable toughness and durability. Merbau is more durable than many other popular decking materials, with a Janka hardness grade that makes it suitable for handling harsh outdoor conditions, furniture, and heavy foot activity. Because of its natural robustness, Merbau is a great material for decking in various climates guaranteeing that your deck will last for many years and stay aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. If you use Merbau decking 90 x 19mm for your flooring, it will be durable for long days.

Stability in climatically changing environments

Merbau wood is even more desirable for decking projects because of its resilience in various climates. Merbau keeps its form and structural integrity whether you live in an area with varying temperatures or a humid tropical climate. Buying Merbau decking can handle the difficulties presented by varying weather conditions all year long because of its resilience to warping, twisting, and cupping.

Low maintenance requirements

Homeowners frequently choose low-maintenance materials for their outside areas, and Merbau wood is a great fit. Merbau’s inherent oils extend its life and lessen the need for frequent maintenance, unlike other wood species requiring periodic sealing or staining. Routine cleaning and easy upkeep procedures are usually enough to keep a Merbau wood deck looking perfect. If you buy Merbau decking 70*19mm, you can buy it at the length as per your need.

Winding up

As a result, the above listed are about why you should choose Merbau wood for your deck. Selecting Merbau decking in Melbourne could strike a balance between long-term durability and attractive appearance for your house. When starting your decking project, Merbau wood is a quality alternative that will improve your outside area and guarantee that your investment will last for many generations.